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Zenner's Quality Meat Products Inc, Sausages, Portland, OR

Zenners Sausage Demos!

Zenners Sausage Demos: Roth's Stores the 1st Friday of every month

Zenners Sausage Demos: Roth's Stores the 1st Friday of every month

Come by Roth's Fresh Markets the 1st Friday of every month for Zenners Sausage Demos. You'll be glad you did!



Zenner's Proud Host to Hillsboro Hops!

Zenners Sausage Company: Official Hot Dog of the Hillsboro HopsHillsboro Hops

Zenner’s Sausage is proud to sponsor the Hillsboro Hops with 10" and 6" all meat, 7" jalapeno cheddar, 6" polish and 8 in 1 6" for the kids!



Find Zenner's at Your Local Albertson's

Albertson’s has embraced the Zenner’s Sausage brand in a growing list of local stores and customers are appreciating the great selection. “In one fell swoop, Albertson’s in the Portland area has launched a sausage program that represents the widest selection of Zenner’s ever found in a retail location, at least since Zenner’s Meat Market closed,” stated Dan Wedin, General Manager of the 83 year old sausage company. “We’re a microsausagery producing high quality in small batches so a partnership with such a large and storied grocery such as Albertson’s is very exciting.”

Each store can access the following products:

Retail packages:

Frankfurters, 3.2 ounces, one pound pack
Jalapeno Cheddar (Tillamook Cheddar) Franks, 3.2 ounces, one pound pack
German Smoked Sausage, 3.2 ounces, one pound pack
Double Smoked Sausage with Bacon, 3.2 ounces, one pound pack
Lousiana Red Hots, 3.2 ounces, one pound pack
Linguisa (Portuguese style sausage), 12 ounce pack
Andouille (Cajun style sausage with jalapeno), 12 ounce pack
Bockwurst, 3.2 ounces, one pound pack

Bulk sausage in the Butcher Block:

Cheddar Franks (made with Tillamook Cheddar TM),
Jalapendo Cheddar Franks (made with Tillamook Cheddar),
German Smoked Sausage,
Louisiana Red Hot,
Double Smoked Sausage w/Bacon,
Double Smoked Bacon w/ Cheddar (Tillamook Cheddar TM)


Find an Albertson's Near You:

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Holidays with a Zenner's Alder Smoked Ham

There's a reason Zenner's Ham is featured on restaurant menus here in Portland.  It's delicious!  We take a Carlton Farms fresh ham and cure it with an old family recipe before slow smoking these beauties overnight in our alder hardwood smoker.  The result is exactly what a ham should look like and taste like.  One bit and you'll never go back to those commodity hams that are everywhere by the boatload.  But a word of warning, be careful when you sample a Zenner's Ham, you may have a pound of it down before you're able to restrain yourself!  That's the voice of experience. ?

Zenner’s Hams are only available at Zenner’s Sausage Company at 2131 NW Kearney, Portland, 97210.

Call or Email to place your order to ensure you get your ham in time for the Holidays! Enjoy our cured ham this Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving or any Holiday.

503-241-4113  or 


The Perfect Game featuring Bill "The Schonz" Schonely

Read along with Bill Shonely as you listen to Zenner's most recent radio spot. (play .mp3 below)

Sfx: courtside ambience
Schonz: How do you make a great game perfect? By havin’ a Zenner’s hot dog or sausage along with all the action.  Zenner’s has been making the best links anywhere right here in Portland since 1927. Try Zenner’s Pork Breakfast links, Bratwurst, Italian sausage, Double Smoked with bacon, Louisiana Red Hots, Chicken with Granny Smith green apple and more. Visit and discover where you can find the best tasting sausage, anywhere. Zenner’s Sausage Company, world class sausage, naturally.?



Customer Spotlight: The Frying Scotsman

On the west side of SW 9th Street, just north of Alder in downtown Portland there’s a food cart crafting some of the best Fish ‘n Chips we’ve ever tasted. The owner’s UK native “Slim Jim”, aka James, and he hails from Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. He calls himself “The Frying Scotsman” and his batter is light, crispy, slightly yellow and his Mother’s secret.

He cooks up fresh cod, haddock(traditional scottish fish), halibut, red snapper, salmon and mahi-mahi. Also, on the menu from Zenner’s is a delicious battered Banger. When asked how many bangers he sells, he replied, “About a case in a fortnight”. Okay, it’s two weeks, we didn’t know either.

And for dessert, how about a deep fried Mars bar?

Hours: 11am-4pm
Address: 9th & Alder, Portland, Oregon
To-Go Orders: 503-706-3841